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Why Partner with Us?

Overcoming Challenges -
A Coffee Shop's Perspective:


  • Space Limitations: Finding enough space to store and display a variety of products can be a challenge for coffee shops with limited space.
  • Top-Quality Products: Maintaining a high standard of quality while offering a diverse selection of products can be difficult.
  • Product Innovation: Keeping your menu fresh and exciting with new and innovative products requires constant effort.
  • Menu Balance: Creating a menu that offers a balance of flavors, textures, and price points can be challenging.

Solutions with Cookie Munch:

  • Our cookies require minimal storage space, allowing you to offer a variety of delicious options without sacrificing valuable space.
  • Our consistent high-quality cookies ensure that you’re always serving top-notch products to your customers.
  • We collaborate with our partners to create unique flavors that align with their brand and appeal to their customers.
  • Our diverse range of cookies provides you with the flexibility to create a menu that perfectly balances flavors, textures, and price points.

More Than Cookies - A True Partnership:

Unique Flavors & Innovation:

  • We believe in collaboration and innovation. Let’s work together to create unique flavors and experiences that resonate with your brand’s unique story.

Co-branding & Marketing Support:

  • We offer more than just cookies; we offer a partnership. We’ll work with you to develop co-branding materials, provide social media support, and collaborate on joint promotional campaigns.

Our Cause - Empowering Single Mothers:

  • Our Mission:

    We focus on empowering single mothers, who often face unique challenges as the sole providers and caregivers for their families. Our mission is to provide these resilient women with not just employment but a path to a better future.

    The Challenge:

    In the United States, 80% of single parents are mothers. In 2022, there were around 15.04 million single-mothers head of households. Single-mothers are one of the poorest populations. 80% of single mothers are employed, of which 50% are fulltime workers and 30% are part-time. Many of the jobs worked by, or are available to women, are not sufficient and do not bring in enough income for the mother and her children. 45% live below the poverty line

    How We Help:

    • Employment: We hire single mothers, providing them with stable employment and opportunities for career advancement.
    • Education: We provide assistance to single mothers pursuing education and training, empowering them to reach their full potential.
    • Childcare Support: We offer daycare aid to ensure that single mothers can focus on their work and education without worrying about childcare.
    • Home Ownership Program: We provide home ownership opportunities to single mothers, helping them achieve financial stability and build a brighter future for their families.


Meet Our Team

Diana Gomez

Executive Chef:

Juan Gomez

Marketing Director